The Military Entrepreneur


My Story !

Hi, Maximino Laboy here. I was born on June 11, 1955. In Playita de Cortada, Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico, on the south of the Island.
I am the proud father of three wonderful adult sons. I have eight grandchildren aging from twenty-five years to five days old— my granddaughter, who was born a week ago.

Why Did I choose to Start My Story Here?

For the period of three years I will sat in porch to have my morning coffee and say my meditations and prayers. I will say many of my favorite affirmations and intentions for the day for me, family and the rest of the universe.

But most of the time I will wonder about having real purpose in life.

By being retired I had all this time in my hands so I filled my time with fishing and learning to play instruments.  And to help me with my PTSD.

I have been working on my spirituality, self awareness and self development.

But I was lacking the clarity I needed to direct my life and get the right motivation to do something exciting and more meaningful.

My Hobbies

I love fishing above all things. I am self-taught the bass, acoustic guitar African drums congas, bongos, timbales, and electric keyboard. I am passionate about music and video production. I am an enthusiastic cook.


I grew up with three older brothers and one younger sister and a bunch of cousins and friends neighbors.
I attended the primary school located by the beach.
The school hosted all the kids from all the surrounding barrios.
It was a fantastic experience for a child growing in barrios.

It was a fantastic experience for a child growing in this beautiful environment.
Growing up, we didn’t have many after school activities.
We invented games and entertainment. But most of the time we’ll be swimming at the beach or the river.
We also spend the summer breaks doing the same, or we take walks in search of wild fruits like mangos, guava, bananas, and coconuts.

My Father

My father died when I was eleven years old, chattering my young life, my mom’s, and all my siblings. He worked very hard in the sugar cane fields in spite of his disability.

My three older brothers also worked in the same fields at a young age.

He inflicted those same values in my older brothers and me.

My three older brothers, when they got older, migrated to the United States in search of a better life and can support my mother, my sister, and me.

All we can get from Social Security was a hundred dollars a month which my mother wisely used and stretch it to last. Because of her, we never went hungry or without.

She inflicted in me the importance of getting a High School education. She wanted a better life for us; because during the ’70s what was waiting for us, was the Army draft.

We saw many of our older friends end up in Vietnam, and some never made it back alive. 

High School

I graduated with honors and got a few full-ride scholarships. I got accepted into the Engineer College to become a Civil Engineer.

I chose that career because I had a few older friends who were attending the same college. At that age, I didn’t know what I wanted for my life.

Even though I got the full-ride scholarships, my mother could not support me financially.

 Military Career

In 1973, during my senior year of high school, I find out that two of my best friends were planning to join the Army. I jumped on the bandwagon.

The test was in English, so we flunked it. I spoke only Spanish back then.

My other friend passed the test and entered basic training. A month later, we retook the test and passed. A week later, we joined our other friend in basic training.

The Army became my career for twenty-one-year.

My specialties were logistics and inventory management.

I attended Basic and Advanced leadership schools for promotions.

I made oversea tours in Germany, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and few bases within the United States.

I had a challenge full, dangerous, and rewarding career. I retired in December 1994.


After retiring from the Army, I graduated from The Great Plains Technology Center in Lawton, Oklahoma, with specialties in Business Technology Applications and Microcomputers and Networks.


I was fortunate to work in the same school I graduated from for ten years.

I took many computer courses for many years while new software applications and network technologies HTML coding and web page design.

The computer industry and E-commerce was rocketing, and I knew back in the nineties that it was going to revolutionize the whole world.

From that time on, I have a passion and a burning desire to start an online business. I spend thousands of dollars on various business adventures. I invested in advertising, MLM, real estate, and selling on E-bay.

I did not have the confidence or the right coach or mentor to succeed. All this time, I thought I had wasted my resources and time.

Finally, I can tell you that all that spent time and effort had brought me to this part of my journey.

I connected with this fantastic industry and community of mentors and coaches, helping me to build a life and online business that I love.