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Change Must Start With The One In the Mirror

Change Must Start With The One In the Mirror

Change Must Start With The One In the Mirror

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Hello My Friend,

Thank you for requesting more information about a career in Internet marketing.

Change is challenging. It is especially challenging when we are set in our ways.  The word change has many meanings.

My personal definition of change is transformation. TRANSFORMATION. Transforming your thoughts. Transforming yourself. Transforming your life.

Since going through much recent transformation, myself, I have discovered that:
Change must start with the one in the mirror.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Maximino Laboy.

One morning, I awakened to discover that I was a sixty-four-year-old, retired, disabled, veteran on Social Security.

The crisis began when, in March of 2019, the government began garnishing a thousand dollars every month from my disability check, because of a past over-payment.

I found myself in a financial bind. I found myself with no control over my income.

But I did not panic or even stress myself.

Instead I began searching for ways to replace that income.

Returning to work was not possible since I was a disabled veteran on Social Security.

When I enlisted in the military in 1973, we were all promised medical and dental insurance and a retirement income to last for all our lives.

By the time I reached retirement age, I was no longer receiving medical or dental insurance.

Because my disabilities were incurred while I was in the service, I am still able to use the veteran’s medical facilities and I am eternally grateful for that.

But, still, I felt resentment for having to rely on the government for my income. Any increases in pay I have received have been applied toward Medicare costs.
Medicare is another service that I am grateful for.

I have spent my entire life working hard and long, sacrificing precious time I could have spent with my family and loved ones.

So many of us sacrifice what we love most to earn a living. We trade time for money. And time is one thing that we can never get back.

For most people, we will never escape from the “Rat Race” unless we make a dramatic change to better our situation.

I know what it is like to be gone ALL of the time. I often had to leave my children for long periods of time: weeks, months, even years.

There was once a period of time when I had to leave my two-year-old son for two entire years. When I returned home, he was four and he barely recognized me.

I know what it is like to make sacrifices in the present in order to create something for the future.

I understand how important it is to have something to fall back on when you reach retirement age.

For most people, retirement benefits do not cover all daily expenses. Many retired people cannot live the lifestyle that they want to have. I know all about that. Because when I arrived at retirement age, I had nothing to fall back on and I needed a PLAN B.

I badly needed to make a change in my life. But I did not know what direction to take. I needed to shift gears, but I had no idea how to accomplish the transformation.

When I retired, I was enjoying the time I spent fishing. Fishing was a very enjoyable outdoor activity. It put me more in touch with nature and helped me to manage my PTSD.
I began watching YouTube tutorials on fishing, trying to improve my luck at the lake.

While I was watching videos on YouTube, last year, in 2019, I chanced upon an ad that impressed me so much that I saved the ad.

In the ad, a young man was sharing about how his life was tremendously changed just by doing Internet marketing online.

He had gone from being a cement truck driver to earning a steady income as an Internet marketer.

The young man shared a link with me to the series of free videos that helped him get started in the Internet marketing business.

I was skeptical because of all the hype on the net, but the videos were free, so I began watching them right away.

As soon as I began watching the presentations, I became immersed in them and continued to follow the videos and links associated with them.

One video introduced me to a gentleman named Stuart. The film had fantastic information about how to sell any product, your product or that of another person or business, through training in Internet marketing.

Right away I realized that this was something I could make into a career and, even better, a career that I could do from home.

This was a career that coincided with my interests, my passions and my values. I had good computer skills acquired from a previous job as a computer technician I had from 1995 through 2007.

But I finally had to give up that job due to a lower back condition leftover from my Army days.

Being short on funds, I sold some musical instruments to raise enough money to enroll as a student to learn Internet marketing.
I began to grow and learn and so I decided to enroll in more advanced online courses.

After 6 months of study, a TON of hard work and with lots of support and guidance from my online mentors, I have been transforming from being a retired veteran on Social Security to being a self-directed, emotionally fulfilled entrepreneur with freedom for fun, hobbies, and family enjoyment.

I am presently operating a fully automated Internet marketing business that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whether I am in my pajamas or dressed for the office.

I have also always dreamed of working at a career that can benefit my grown sons and grandchildren. Not only am I building something for myself, I am also creating opportunities for those that I love.

I have seen my sons struggling to support their families, especially in recent times. My two sons who are in the grocery business put their health in danger daily in order to support their families.

My son who has been an educator for over twenty years and is nearing retirement age, is still paying for his student loans.

My significant other is worried about her job at the public library but is able to work from home.

I have been able to assist her to learn the skills needed to make films to help children with their literacy skills, both in English and Spanish.

We have been working together and growing together.
I am now in a career in which I can aid my loved ones to learn new skills to improve their ability to support themselves and their families.
I share with my loved ones the concept that the traditional economy is not working in the old familiar ways, and that all the latest trends are pointing towards the success of the digital economy.

Traditional education is expensive and is not serving our needs in this day and age.

I now have the skills and knowledge to help my loved ones and family members with website and Internet marketing campaigns.

Your situation may be different from mine and your concerns may be different too.

But everyone is concerned with their own success and the success of their loved ones in a questionable economy, in a world with serious concerns about health.

When I first began studying Internet marketing, it was all about MY dreams, MY success, about MY fun, fulfillment, and freedom.

But, as I learn more and follow the examples of my mentors, I am becoming aware that what gives me the greatest satisfaction is helping and guiding others to escape from the “Rat Race”.

I am paying it forward.

If my story resonates with you and you do not have a PLAN B, please consider this career.

If you feel that when you retire, you will not have the time and the income to do what you love for yourself and your family, then, please read on…

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As a special favor to me, personally, I would like you to think of sharing any success you achieve in this program with someone who could benefit from getting out of the “Rat Race” along with you.

I thank you for your valuable time.
And I hope to see you again as you advance in this career.

May all your wishes be fulfilled.

The Importance of Applied Digital Marketing Skills

The Importance of Applied Digital Marketing Skills

Fun, Freedom And Fulfilment

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We Can’t Control Dying.  But We Can Find Purpose In Living!

We Can’t Control Dying. But We Can Find Purpose In Living!

Awake The Entrepreneur Within You!

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I got to experience it during the last few weeks at the deepest of my core. No matter how much we prepared for the chaos, we are experiencing first hand around the globe. Nothing will have prepared me to deal with the disorder as close as my real young granddaughter. 

I don’t want to concentrate on the adverse event but more on the positivity that radiant energy that’s around her at this moment as I write this blog. Despite that, she had to spend a few days at the hospital. I will not want to elaborate, but it was a lot to take in. 

During this time, I decided to go in total silence and be in complete connection with my Highest Self, God, I am That I am. That’s the name I know Him. I decided not to post on the new Mentors website or do any business during this Holy time for me. I wanted to use all my energy concentrated on her total healing and perfect health. The times on meditation and prayer with my partner Jann went on for a few more days. 

During all this time, I have been studying a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Wishes Full Fill, based on the Moses Code and three magic words – You Are God! I have been reading and studying a book by Neville Goddard, a series of books concentrated the awareness of realizing that we are God. That’s how I saw my baby granddaughter as being God herself!

Everything I had learned concerning who I am and where I came from during the last thirty-plus years has become very real in my life in the previous few weeks. All I had learned concerning meditation, prayer, the law of attraction, the use of intentions, and affirmations—the awareness of the power of the imagination. The power of I am—the wisdom of God and the Power of God within me. We, humans, are this power and wisdom, yet we live in a form, a body with all its limitations. What I have learned the most is that we all here by God’s Grace. And Grace is love.

Last week I used faith and Grace to the outmost and the deepest of my being interceding for my grandbaby and believing, seeing, and feeling her healing and perfect health. 

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

And my wishes were fulfilled, my grandbaby is doing tremendous and perfect health.

I liked to add; I was about to do my guided meditations with Dr. Wayne on YouTube. When I rand into Jay’s Kubbaseck Wake Up video series, and it helped tremendously. I watched it for a few days.

I concentrated a great deal of time working on my self-development because I realized that without it I could not take the business to the next level, I had to raise my life to the highest standard and together we can. I did lots of deep meditation.  

I played and practiced my instruments, especially my congas. I use them for drum healing. 

I had to be real busy creating a new landing page for a new Bing campaign and learning Divi, Convertri, Movavi, and a few other skills.

I also help my partner in producing some videos for her job as a Librarian. She blessed by working from home and allowing me to use some of the learned skills. 

Today I am so grateful for this community of mentors and friends. That even I wasn’t posting or involved, I was in your mind because we are one. 

It feels great to be back. I love you, and I thank you.


What Keeps You Up At Night?

What Keeps You Up At Night?

  • Is it the nine to five job?
  • Is it working from paycheck to paycheck and not having enough at the end of the month to cover your financial obligations?
  • Is it not spending enough time with your kids and wife, partner, or significant other?
  • Is it a bad relationship?
  • Is it your health and lack of medical insurance?
  • Is it worrying about not having enough funds for when your car brakes down?
  • It is the stress of trading time for money in a job and working for a boss who keeps you from growing and becoming the best of yourself?
  • Is it the lack of freedom to live life on your terms?

Here is what used to keep me up at night:

  • I worried about the quality of my health.
  • I worried too much about my children and grandchildren.
  • I had a fear of becoming homeless.
  • I worried about pleasing everyone.
  • I worried about not having the finances for an emergency or having enough money for any car or house repairs.
  • I worried about my relationships with my partner, children.
  • I worried about the fast growth of the economy and the lack of growth of my paycheck as a retired Army veteran on Social Security.
  • I worried about the fast growth of the economy and the lack of growth of my paycheck as a retired Army veteran on Social Security.

All these things that kept me up at night started bringing fear, stress, and anxiety into my life. It started affecting my self-confidence and blurring my vision of my future.

Two months ago, I realized that I needed Real Magic in my life.

While watching my favorite fishing You Tube channel, I came across an ad posted by a young man from Australia. The message he was sharing sparked something within me.

I signed up for the free videos right away, and it started positively changing my life.

The free videos contained fantastic information on how to start an online digital marketing business and to build a life and a business that I would love. That got me curious.

I signed up for digital marketing training because I could not believe the small investment that was required.

I was excited knowing that it would have cost me thousands of dollars to get this type of education and hands-on training in a traditional college or university.

Another fantastic thing is that I will be able to set up an online marketing business. Something that it would be impossible to do after graduating from a traditional university program.

If you want to know more about what I do, click on the On-Demand Workshops to Access the same FREE videos.

Why Military Make Great Entrepreneurs

Why Military Make Great Entrepreneurs

Four Reasons We Military Makes Good Entrepreneurs!

For you military veterans as well as active personnel – if you are considering a new career in business, there are lots of things that you will need to take into account: from funding your new venture – to finding staff, to deciding on the best location to launch – these three points are just the tip of the iceberg.

I believe that all military veterans have many skills that are transferable from an army career into the world of industry. These skills are essential if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

Here are four of the biggest reasons military personnel make good entrepreneurs:

1. They can deal with stress and have the physical and mental stamina

When you have worked in the Military, you become accustomed to chaos and knowing how to deal with challenging and time-sensitive situations. My military background has given me a cool head and the ability to handle difficult situations with ease.

2. The Military teaches problem solving skills

As well as handling stress, entrepreneurs should also know how to solve problems and overcome them. Military staff become natural problem solvers because of their past experiences.

Army veterans can look at the bigger picture and use creative thinking to find solutions to problems and challenges.

Military training provides mend and women with an aggressive attitude and a willingness to do whatever it takes to accomplish a mission or a goal with minimum personnel and resources. A military veteran has a “can do” attitude and a mindset to see the mission trough.

3. The Military knows how to build relationships and liaisons

Another reason why so many military veterans make a success of entrepreneurship is that they can build relationships like no-one else do to their experience and training.

Whether you were on the front line or working in military offices, you know that there’s a special bond among veterans and that we can talk to anyone.

Communication skills are critical in entrepreneurship, as you have to be on the ball and ready to make new relationships with potential buyers and customers.

4. Military staff are dedicated, loyal team players

Finally, I must mention dedication. When you are working in the Military, your job is much more than a job — it becomes your way of life.

Men and women who who enter into the Military do not do so because they want to make millions. They do it because they want to be part of something bigger and better. They want to make a real difference.

The very best business owners are not fixated on money; but they want to build or create something, and solve problems in ways that other people can not do. Entrepreneurs have the same values and attitudes.

If you can apply your dedication and passion for a new industry, you will find purpose, freedom, and the ability to build a business that you love.

Making the change from a veteran to an online digital marketer and entrepreneur is hard work but it’s better than trading your time for cash.

It takes a new mindset that goes with your inner values.

You need to be transformed from being a worker to an entrepreneur.

I choose a Laptop Lifestyle – Online Digital Marketing as a way of life I can do from home as my entrepreneurship, not just a venture.

This is a business that I can do from any part of the world with a laptop and an internet connection – and no overhead or inventory.

If you want to get the same three days On-Demand Workshops that got me started for ‘FREE”. Subscribe on the popup form!