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I got to experience it during the last few weeks at the deepest of my core. No matter how much we prepared for the chaos, we are experiencing first hand around the globe. Nothing will have prepared me to deal with the disorder as close as my real young granddaughter. 

I don’t want to concentrate on the adverse event but more on the positivity that radiant energy that’s around her at this moment as I write this blog. Despite that, she had to spend a few days at the hospital. I will not want to elaborate, but it was a lot to take in. 

During this time, I decided to go in total silence and be in complete connection with my Highest Self, God, I am That I am. That’s the name I know Him. I decided not to post on the new Mentors website or do any business during this Holy time for me. I wanted to use all my energy concentrated on her total healing and perfect health. The times on meditation and prayer with my partner Jann went on for a few more days. 

During all this time, I have been studying a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Wishes Full Fill, based on the Moses Code and three magic words – You Are God! I have been reading and studying a book by Neville Goddard, a series of books concentrated the awareness of realizing that we are God. That’s how I saw my baby granddaughter as being God herself!

Everything I had learned concerning who I am and where I came from during the last thirty-plus years has become very real in my life in the previous few weeks. All I had learned concerning meditation, prayer, the law of attraction, the use of intentions, and affirmations—the awareness of the power of the imagination. The power of I am—the wisdom of God and the Power of God within me. We, humans, are this power and wisdom, yet we live in a form, a body with all its limitations. What I have learned the most is that we all here by God’s Grace. And Grace is love.

Last week I used faith and Grace to the outmost and the deepest of my being interceding for my grandbaby and believing, seeing, and feeling her healing and perfect health. 

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

And my wishes were fulfilled, my grandbaby is doing tremendous and perfect health.

I liked to add; I was about to do my guided meditations with Dr. Wayne on YouTube. When I rand into Jay’s Kubbaseck Wake Up video series, and it helped tremendously. I watched it for a few days.

I concentrated a great deal of time working on my self-development because I realized that without it I could not take the business to the next level, I had to raise my life to the highest standard and together we can. I did lots of deep meditation.  

I played and practiced my instruments, especially my congas. I use them for drum healing. 

I had to be real busy creating a new landing page for a new Bing campaign and learning Divi, Convertri, Movavi, and a few other skills.

I also help my partner in producing some videos for her job as a Librarian. She blessed by working from home and allowing me to use some of the learned skills. 

Today I am so grateful for this community of mentors and friends. That even I wasn’t posting or involved, I was in your mind because we are one. 

It feels great to be back. I love you, and I thank you.


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