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  • Is it the nine to five job?
  • Is it working from paycheck to paycheck and not having enough at the end of the month to cover your financial obligations?
  • Is it not spending enough time with your kids and wife, partner, or significant other?
  • Is it a bad relationship?
  • Is it your health and lack of medical insurance?
  • Is it worrying about not having enough funds for when your car brakes down?
  • It is the stress of trading time for money in a job and working for a boss who keeps you from growing and becoming the best of yourself?
  • Is it the lack of freedom to live life on your terms?

Here is what used to keep me up at night:

  • I worried about the quality of my health.
  • I worried too much about my children and grandchildren.
  • I had a fear of becoming homeless.
  • I worried about pleasing everyone.
  • I worried about not having the finances for an emergency or having enough money for any car or house repairs.
  • I worried about my relationships with my partner, children.
  • I worried about the fast growth of the economy and the lack of growth of my paycheck as a retired Army veteran on Social Security.
  • I worried about the fast growth of the economy and the lack of growth of my paycheck as a retired Army veteran on Social Security.

All these things that kept me up at night started bringing fear, stress, and anxiety into my life. It started affecting my self-confidence and blurring my vision of my future.

Two months ago, I realized that I needed Real Magic in my life.

While watching my favorite fishing You Tube channel, I came across an ad posted by a young man from Australia. The message he was sharing sparked something within me.

I signed up for the free videos right away, and it started positively changing my life.

The free videos contained fantastic information on how to start an online digital marketing business and to build a life and a business that I would love. That got me curious.

I signed up for digital marketing training because I could not believe the small investment that was required.

I was excited knowing that it would have cost me thousands of dollars to get this type of education and hands-on training in a traditional college or university.

Another fantastic thing is that I will be able to set up an online marketing business. Something that it would be impossible to do after graduating from a traditional university program.

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